Vojtech Pavlovsky


I personally developed and managed mobile client for WhaleTrace while working at CryptoMood. The app was written from scratch in Flutter. For this project Flutter turned to be great choice and our second app, CryptoMood, was thereafter converted from React Native to Flutter.

WhaleTrace screenshots

WhaleTrace tracks large cryptocurrency transactions from and to exchanges. Users see candlestick chart with positive and negative transactions along with average. Different resolutions can be applied. WhaleTrace chart is custom-made and animates when data changes.

Premium users can set alarms for large transactions with customized filters. These alarms are delivered as push notifications managed by OneSignal.

Free users can view few basic cryptocurrencies. Monthly premium subscription can be purchased. Premium users can access all cryptocurrencies and resolutions, live feed of new transactions, and customized alarms. Subscription is managed using RevenueCat.

From technical standpoint, WhaleTrace used gRPC API, flutter_bloc & freezed for state management, Sentry for error tracking, and auto_route for routing.

I worked on WhaleTrace in 2020. In 2021, I migrated both WhaleTrace and CryptoMood apps to null-safe Dart. Both apps have since lived their own life and seems to be now discontinued.