Vojtech Pavlovsky


VIMA is a iPad and Linux control app for video routing in operating room in hospitals. Doctors and nurses can select which video input will be displayed on which video output. Output layout can be customized to support side-by-side or picture-in-picture to display multiple inputs on the same screen.

We developed this app in a team of two developers for Novanta. VIMA was primarily developed for iPad. However, in the final phase we compiled the app for embedded Linux computer. This is a perfect example where Flutter shines due to its multi-platform support. VIMA is purely technical prototype.

VIMA screenshots 1

App connects to local server using gRPC. Everything in the app is reactive and listens for server events using gRPC streams. Control elements use only basic touch gestures to work best for users wearing medical gloves. Video transmissions uses MJPEG streams. Multi-view outputs are composed on the server and app displays the video as is received.

VIMA screenshots 2